Dionisis Pliatsikas

"A perfectionist by nature, he is constantly evolving his art, trying out new ingredients, flavours or an unexpected combination of materials. His quest to delight his guests is whats keeps him alive and creative!"
Born and raised in the Peloponnesian countryside, Dionissis had a childhood full of vivid scents, tastes and images. A backyard garden full of vegetables. The smell of fresh herbs, growing even at the side of the country road. And of course, the figure of his grandmother as she was cooking. A unique, perfectly tuned orchestration of moves and ingredients.
All the signs pointed towards his future. Dionissis Pliatsikas, after a long period in Spain and the UK, found a friendly and creative haven in Zeen’s kitchen as our chef.
He is a restless creative spirit, who always looks for the new and imagines the unexpected. This is why he chooses an exotic destination as his winter-time inspiration source. And whether it will be Costa Rica, China or Australia, one thing is for sure: his luggage will be full of new culinary elements, which will incorporate into Zeen’s menu!